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How To Throw The Best Halloween Party Ever

How To Throw The Best Halloween Party Ever

It’s finally October and the humidity is waning, so it that must mean it is nearly time for Halloween.  Quite the odd holiday celebration, Halloween has morphed into an opportunity for games, trickery, dressing up and lots (and lots) of candy.  With no ‘official’ how-to to adhere to, everyone is able to make up their own rules for how they partake, whether that is trick or treating in their neighbourhood, attending a scary party or even hiding under the covers for a horror flick. 

Despite its dark and spooky origins, Halloween today is a more care-free holiday in which we are encouraged to lower our inhibitions and just have fun.  Perhaps your office or your kid’s school has a dress up day?  Have you got a family costume all planned out?  Maybe you’ve decided to throw your first Halloween bash?  You might even be someone who suffers from samhainophobia (the fear of Halloween).  Whatever your plans for the 31st October, we’ve put together a little set of tips and tricks to make sure it is a spookily good party.

Hunt around to find the best costume, bonus points for a ‘family one’ in the style of the family from TV’s Blackish who’ve clocked up turns as the Obamas and The Jackson Five.  You could try dressing as the characters from your favourite book or movie, or even your favourite meal.... #wewillcomeasfries

Allow for a variety of tastes in your catering and don’t just stick to candy.  You can make fruits and vegetables more exciting by cutting them into spooky shapes and make sure to have plenty of adult friendly nibbles too.

Light up the entrance to your home with creepy pumpkins and lanterns, so people know they are in for a treat from the very beginning.

Look carefully at the offers available in the supermarket, especially those specifically for Halloween, that way you don’t have to break the bank filling your trick-or-treat buckets.

Open up a second room for Halloween movie viewing (Hocus Pocus is a classic), this means kids (and adults) have somewhere to rest for a bit or calm down after all that sugar.

Win the award for best party by having plenty of games for everyone to play.  We can recommend Apple Bobbing (best done outside or with plenty of towels underneath the ‘cauldron’), a giant Pumpkin Pinata will help blow off some energy, Doughnut Race is another classic (hang doughnuts from string and the fastest one to eat it with their hands behind their backs is the winner!), a spooky version of hide and seek could keep little ones busy and you can also a Halloween Costume Bingo for the older ones/adults – simply make up cards with costume options and see if anyone can spot a line of them amongst your guests.

Encourage everyone’s creative side by having an arts and crafts area where they could draw on their own pumpkins, make spooky slime, mix their own cauldron potion or paint Halloween cards.

Educate your guests by sharing some wicked facts about Halloween they wouldn’t know:

  1. The original Jack O' Lanterns were actually made from turnips, but when Irish settlers realised they weren’t readily available in the US, they switched to pumpkins.
  2. The mask worn by Michael Myers in Halloween was actually a William Shatner mask from his time on Star Trek. 
  3. Halloween originated over 2,000 years ago with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when it was believed that on the night before ‘All Hallows Eve’ the boundary between the living and the dead become blurred.
  4. In Hong Kong Halloween is known as Yue Lan or the “Festival of the Hungry Ghosts” during which fires are lit and food and gifts are offered to placate potentially angry ghosts who might be looking for revenge.
  5. The largest pumpkin ever measured was grown by Norm Craven, who broke the world record in 1993 with a 836lb pumpkin.
  6. If you see a spider on Halloween it is said to be the spirit of a dead loved one looking out for you!

Never compromise on décor.  You can have so much fun with orange and black colours, spiders (a good omen on Halloween), candles, silly string and cobwebs, cauldrons and creepy crawlies – the funnier the better.  If you are really bold you could go even further and try to create a House of Horrors complete with scary characters and spooky surprises.

Wait a minute, all these ideas seem pretty fun; can we come to your party?  #HappyHalloween

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