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Parental Pampering - You Deserve It

Parental Pampering - You Deserve It

Here at Angels, we know exactly what it is like to have kids. Sometimes they can be your darling little angels and sometimes they can be absolute little devils. But whatever the trials and tribulations of parenting, one fact is universal - it can be absolutely exhausting at times. Parents have the hardest job in the world. They have to be taxis, cooks, nurses, mediators, cleaners, babysitters, clothes shoppers and teachers. You never stop caring and you never stop worrying. That’s why we thought we’d take a moment to remind you that you have to take time to look after yourself and, dare we say it, spoil yourself; if for no other reason than to reward yourself for being there for your kids 24/7. So, we’ve put together a few ideas for parents on how to carve out some time (even if it is just a few minutes) to put themselves first and rejuvenate the mind, after all, a happy parent is a good parent.

If You Only Have A Few Minutes

Try clearing your mind. These days, things can get so overwhelming and it can sometimes feel like we never have time to breathe or think. Taking a few moments to step out of the chaos can be surprisingly restorative, especially if you can make it a regular thing. The best way to do this is to try and schedule some time each day to do a little meditation. Now, that doesn’t have to sound scary for those who aren’t quite sure - it can take many forms. You can use an existing app, specifically designed for this, usually offering some sort of mindful wellness; you can browse you tube options until you find one that suits or you can simply use a noise, a story or music that you find calming and dedicate ten minutes to just peacefully sitting, taking deep breaths and relaxing. You won’t believe how much it will brighten your day and energise you. You could even give yourself a quick hand massage whilst you are doing it – many parts of our hands are connected to other areas in our body and by stimulating them we can ease pain and discomfort elsewhere.

If It Is Just For One

Whether you are a single parent or you can only trade off pampering, there are a few things you can do solo or treat your partner to that will cheer the soul and relax the mind. You can indulge in a spa-like bath time - light some candles (it really does make all the difference), fill the bath with beautifully smelling salts or soap (lavender is great for spa atmosphere and calming), grab your favourite drink and sit back. You can always add a good book or watch/listen to something on your tablet, anything from music to Netflix to podcasts is a good way to switch off. The key with this is to make sure it is uninterrupted, so make sure to schedule it when the kids are out (maybe on a play date) or when your other half can look after them.

If You Don’t Want To Break The Budget

Plan an ‘at-home’ date night. Now, this will require a kid-free house for several hours, so hopefully you can arrange a play date or, even better, have a friend or relative who could look after them for a bit. Once you have secured your peace and quiet, try to resist the urge to chuck on sweats and watch TV. Tonight is about quality time together that will refresh your relationship. Dinner should definitely be involved, if neither of you is a whizz in the kitchen, order a special takeaway and lay the table with candles and nice tableware (linen napkins are a big plus). Try to avoid chats about the mundane and instead talk about each other, reminisce about your relationship and delve into subjects that interest you (preferably not political ones on which you disagree). For activities, try to do something different (as tempting as a Netflix marathon might be) - you could do DIY spa treatments on each other like facials or massages, what about doing a giant puzzle together or playing cards? You could even crack out an old board game - imagine how fun it would be to try Twister together! The key is to find ways to indulge and treasure each other.

If You Want To Splash Out

This one shouldn’t be hard to select if you are lucky enough to be able to spend some money on a treat. Perhaps you have even been saving up for something and have the perfect activity in mind? If not, there is so much to choose from, and it is worthwhile taking the time to choose something that is a little different and special, especially if you don’t get the opportunity to this very often. If you have the time, a staycation in a lovely hotel is a great chance to reconnect and recoup - you don’t even have to go that far, there are great options from snorkelling in Fujairah, white water rafting in Al Ain, watching camel racing in Liwa or exploring the safari in Sir Bani Yas Island. If it is just a date day out, try to fill the time with fun activities you can do together. Angels can definitely recommend a painting session at Jam Jar in Dubai (followed by a competitive game of mini golf). But there are plenty more things to do from exploring The Green Planet, bouncing around at Bounce, a trip to the Louvre in Abu Dhabi or even taking the chance to visit a theme or water park and doing all the rides you can’t do with your kids.

Things Your Kids Can Do For You

(Hint: feel free to print this one out and leave it lying around ;-) ) They might not always show it, but your kids are grateful for all you do and they love you for it. There are even times when they might like to show you how much they care by doing something nice. If that magic window occurs, show them this list and let them show their appreciation:

  • Take care of a household chore - ie hovering or feeding the dog or collecting the laundry
  • Draw a picture to say thank you
  • Read Mummy or Daddy a story
  • Tidy up their room
  • Give Mummy or Daddy a foot rub or head massage
  • Promise to play elsewhere for a period of time so Mummy or Daddy can relax
  • Commit to a day of being the best behaved child ever and doing everything right without having to be asked (this one might need a reward as well)
  • Make Mummy or Daddy a cup of tea or coffee
  • Offer to do the washing up or cook a meal (obviously only for the older ones)

Don’t forget, being a parent can be hard and you should be celebrated for all you do. Don’t ever be ashamed to take some time out for you. You will feel happier and then your kids will feel happier too.

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